As photographers we use the lens to tell stories, and it is a beautiful privilege and powerful tool to capture amazing moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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Oh the million dollar question, and wouldn’t that be something if it was a million hey? haha! I kid I kid, the reality is that this will cost you some money, and possibly even more than you had planned to spend. But I can promise you that the end result WILL be worth it!

 There are two options when booking a newborn session, let me break them down for you to make it as simple as possible.

1. Purely Complete newborn session - This is the session you'll book if you want to include parents and siblings in the images. This session includes every combination of image that go from just baby to family to sibling images. If we have time we'll even sneak in a few updated pictures of your other kiddos while baby takes a break. You name it, we'll do as much as we can! 

 2. Purely Sweet newborn session - This session is the baby only version, and will include all the same newborn images that you'd get with the complete. If you're in a position where you only want images of baby this is the session for you!! The session time will be shorter since we're not doing family and sibling images, but don't let that deter you from booking the complete if you'd really love images that include the whole family!  

Both types of sessions include an unlimited amount of digital files. I don't like to limit what I edit or give to families, each image that I edit is so precious and I truly feel that it does everyone a disservice to not give you everything I can. With that being said the complete session will include more images due to the family and sibling images being taken and included, which is the reason for the increase of price. Each includes a set of 24 custom birth announcements as well as a little keepsake gift from me to your sweet babe.

All sessions are a single fee with digital files included, to keep it as simple as possible!

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Mandy Haas

When we had our third, and last, baby, we bit the bullet and invested in newborn photographs by Ally. I was so impressed by her professionalism, safety, and sheer passion and talent for what she does. The images were more than I could have hoped for - so special! We ended up getting breastfeeding photos done to capture the last time I would nurse a sweet babe, and did one year old portraits. My only regret was not having Ally there to photograph my labour and birth. Quality photographs are such a worthy investment! I could not recommend Purely Fresh enough! 

the macpherson's

We’ve done multiple sessions with Ally and let me tell you, you will NOT regret doing a session with her. Ally is so so talented, friendly, personable, kind, genuine, and the list goes on and on. She works with her clients on so many levels to ensure they end up with the most lovely photos. My husband and I have two small children and Ally being a mom herself, is also SO understanding and good with kids which we feel makes a huge difference. Kids don’t always sit and go along with what we have planned but Ally is so patient and good with kids (and the kids love her) and even when the the kids are being a little wild and not cooperating, she is still, somehow, always able to get the best photos. I swear she’s magic! 

Jennifer bien

Ally has taken photos for both of my maternity and newborn photo shoots, as well as many family photos in between and I have never been disappointed. Her knowledge, skill and attention to detail guarantee that you will receive beautiful and original photos that are nothing short of artwork. Allison listens to what her client is looking for and tailors each session accordingly, finding the perfect location, backdrop, prop or baby outfit (of which she has no shortage!) She is very skilled at positioning babies in adorable poses while taking great care to ensure that the safety of the baby is of utmost importance. She is creative, gentle, careful, and so patient when achieving that perfect pose, even if baby has other plans. Purely fresh has so beautifully captured moments for my family that we will cherish for many years to come and I look forward to more beautiful photo shoots in our future.

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