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New Friends

I have the best job, I really really do.  And truth be told I find it hard to consider what I do a job, because I love what I do SO MUCH!  The best part about my job is getting a chance to spend time with new moms.  We get to spend a few hours together and it can open up conversation that I realize I’m missing from my life, being at home with 4 kids.  You moms know what I’m talking about… the daily chatter with a toddler while you’re wiping their bum, making up new songs on the fly while trying to keep your toddler preoccupied so you can wipe said bum, feeling caught in the middle of being touched out and wanting just be left alone for 5 minutes, meanwhile needing company and craving adult conversation.  This job, it’s my outlet.  My ability to connect with moms and provide advice when I can, hear their stories, parenting struggles, laughing about silly things our kids do, and knowing that they get exactly what I’m talking about.  And vice versa.

From the time that baby Darwin’s mama contacted me I just knew that there was a chance of a great friendship with her.  She is SO laid back, like I attempt to be but somehow slightly miss the mark of achieving.  During their session, after daddy took Anika out to run some errands, we had a chance to talk.  Really really talk.  And it was so amazing to meet someone that parents very similar to how I do.

Best part of my job… meeting new friends <3

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